The photos below are links to more and larger photos of the student(s) mentioned in the caption above the photo. Click on the photo to see more. Many of the photos have stories, including autos, and photo groups so check them all out. This list is contains a few of the many students that Orv has helped learn to fly their helicopters over the past years.
You will notice that many of Orv's beginner students are wearing a golf glove on their left hand. The golf glove is thin and really grabs the throttle control so that the student does not need to grab on so tightly which helps them relax and avoid the cramping of the forearm muscle during training. It really works!
Sho-Me Helicopters, LLC offers our students transition training into Steve Foster's Beautiful Bell 47 G2 in preparation for their private and/or commercial helicopter check rides with Steve in that helicopter. To check out the Check Ride story click on the photo below.
Steve Foster is one of Orv's Rotorway Students who is now an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE)
John McLaughlin is also one of Orv's Rotorway Students and who is now an FAA DPE.
Bob Kearbey, CA Andrew Burr, MO Bill Faulkner, AR Bill Kichman, PA
Bob, CA Brad, CA Brad, CT Carl Shirley, MO
Chris, WI Steve and sons, Tx Dale, PA Dave, CA
Eric Brotherton Fran, AL Scooter Keith, AR Greg, Mike Anderson, SD
Billy Evans/Jerry Miller Tx Joanne, Tx Jake Henke + 2, JE, PA Jeff with Exec 162F, Tx
Tom with Jet Exec, GA
Jim Evertsen, MO Jody, 162F, LA. Joe Blair 162F, MI
John McLaughlin Jr, IA
John McLaughlin Sr., IA
Nathan, CA, 152 Nick, PA 162F
Pat, TN, Exec 162F Steve Foster, AR, Exec 90 Pete P, ID, Exec 162F Ron F. Jet Exec.
Russ Platt, PA, Exec 162F Greg S., MN R22 BII Scott Worthington, TX Mike S., AL, Exec 162F
Spencer Ball, UT, 162F acis Steve Lewis, CA Exec 90 George T, PA Exec 162 Peter T, PA Exec 162F
Tom Delaney, MO. 162F Tony Colbert, CA. Exec 90 Tony Evans, Ct. 162F Ted L., Exec 152, CA
Ultrasport 496, MO. Wayne, Exec 162F Tx George, Exec 162F, AR Brian, Exec 162F, Tx
Bret 162F, Tx Wally S. RW 162F, AR Jonathan H. RW 162F, Tx Don E. RW162F, KS
Jim Dohrman, 162F, KS Steve Foster, Exec 90, AR Jim Terpstra, Exec 162F Doug Barnett, Exec 162F
Mike Orlowski, Brantly Raymond Butler Dave Armando John Garabedian
Jan Mensink, CA
Mike Sidler Rolin Choate Terry Dunkin
Larry Stuckman, IN