Bob Kearbey sent me this photo of his Rotorway 162F after he had it painted following his flight training.
During Bob's flight training with Orv we landed in Bob's vacant lot behind his dental office. Bob seem rather pleased with his accomplishment.
After several hours of flight training with Orv, Bob set his helicopter down in the vacant lot behind the local Taco Bell so that we could have lunch- Helicopter Pilot style. Bob had permission from the city prior to landing there. It was during that training session that Bob executed an autorotation from 10,000 feet MSL to right in front of his hangar, a distance of around 6 miles. Caution: a long auto like this requires a special technique or the over-running clutch could over heat.
It was a hot day in Oroville California when Bob was performing his run up prior to his solo flight. Bob and Orv flew most of the day flying patterns and practicing autos. Now it was time for Bob to take it up by himself.
When Orv was at Rancho Murrietta, Ca instructing Tony Colbert, Bob kearby flew 60 miles to visit and have lunch with them. Here it looks like Bob is going to land on Tony's main rotor blade.