Above, Chris's wife wishes him well for his first solo hover in his Rotorway 162F
Chris fires up the helicopter and begins to get light on the skids.
Chris's first ever helicopter lift off following a week of flight training at his home in Wisconsin. This is where you find out if you received proper training or not. If not then the helicopter can always be rebuilt following the rollover.
Orv had to call Chris on the radio and tell him that he had been hovering long enough and it was time for a break.
Above Chris give's his Orv a big Thumbs up after landing his helicopter from his first solo flight.
Above Orv and Chris congratulate eachother on a job well done.
Chris gets a well deserved congratulations from his wife following years of building and now flying his own helicopter. The photo above marks another dream come true. It is well worth the effort and expense to get it right the first time.