Orv's Student Wally S. hired Orv to install all of the modifications that are suggested on this web site prior to his flight training. Wally completed both Phase I and Phase II flight training with Orv and was on approach to the runway seen in this photo when the Pro-Drive cog belt broke. The belt break disconnected the main rotor system from the rest of the helicopter drive train. Wally had taken the advice of his flight instructor and was able to slide the helicopter onto the runway and it remained upright, that is what the skid modification does, helps prevent the helicopter from rolling over. Chock this beautiful ship up to another save by Orv's extended skid modification covered in the landing gear section of this web site.
Following flight training with Orv, Wally enjoyed many hours of trouble free flying until his Pro-Drive cog belt broke. Wally landed the ship and is looking forward to once again flying it when he returns from out of country.