After graduating from High school Orv Neisingh enlisted into the US Army and became a Drill Instructor at Fort Ord, California. Following his time in the service he graduated with a bachelors degree from California State University, Sonoma and went on to post graduate study to receive his Standard Secondary Teaching Credentials.

He began his professional career as a high school teacher in Northern California where he taught Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. After four years of teaching in the public school system he decided to leave for the private sector. He then started a swimming pool construction company and obtained both his fixed wing and helicopter pilot ratings.

Orv and Sheila at Homers 2007

After purchasing his first Rotorway kit helicopter he became the president of the Sierra Rotorcraft Club and enjoyed the camaraderie of many other Rotorway owner/builders. Many of the owners did not know how to fly their helicopters so Orv began teaching those, of the club members that wished to learn, how to fly their own helicopters. The club members encouraged him to earn his FAA Certified Flight Instructor rating in helicopters. Once he had earned his CFI rating he began receiving requests for instruction from across the country.

Orv finally made the decision to do what he truly loved to do, teach others to fly their own helicopters. He founded Sho-Me Helicopters, LLC and opened a flight training center in the Ozarks of Missouri. Requests for at-home flight instruction continued and he began traveling across the country instructing in different makes of helicopters. In 2005 Orv was approached by Air Evac Lifeteam emergency medical helicopter company personnel and was asked to become a medevac helicopter pilot flying the Bell 206 Long Ranger on medical missions. He decided to take advantage of their offer and committed to a year of medevac flying. During this time he traveled and instructed during his week off and then on alternating weeks he worked a 7 day 12 to 14 hour per day shift for Air Evac.

It became obvious that there was only enough time and energy to devote to one career and still have a family life. The decision was made to tender his resignation to Air Evac Lifeteam after a year of service and to continue to do what he enjoys the most, instructing owners in their own helicopters.

Orv and his wife Sheila live in West Plains, Mo and operate their flight training center on their 30 acre property. Many students bring their helicopters to the Sho-Me Helicopters, LLC training center for their flight training. Many others hire Orv to travel to their location to train them in their own helicopters there.

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