True Helicopter flying stories.

The true stories that are in this section of the web site have been published over a number of years in several Experimental Helicopter related publications. I have often been asked for reprints of some of the stories so I have posted some of them here on the web site for the readers enjoyment. It is my hope that these stories will provide some fun reading as well as stimulate the thought process of the reader leading them to a safer and more enjoyable experience with helicopters.

The basic premise for this web site is "You can learn from the mistakes and experiences of others or you can make them yourself and learn that way". Over the years I have made a lot of mistakes in my helicopter flying experiences and I hope that by sharing many of those past mistakes some readers will be able to avoid makeing them for themselves.


Click the below Introduction button to be taken to the list of stories that you will find on this web site. Sit back, enjoy, and learn from the experiences of others so that you will not need to make the same mistakes yourself.