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Exhaust Heat Muff

I have seen many attempts to bring defrosting heat into the Rotorway cabin. The method that comes with the kit may not provide as much heat flow as you might desire. To remove the condensation from the cabin windscreen and doors requires heat and adequate air flow. Bob Kearbey made this simple heat muff that has a slot open toward the engine to allow air to be drawn in around the bare exhaust header and through the ductwork to the defroster vents. The air is then forced through the system and up to the wind screen by a variable speed marine bilge blower.

The photo is of Bob Kearbey showing off his very effective exhaust heat muff. It cleared the fogged wind shield in no time.

The photo below is my former student Jeff's solution to parking his Rotorway 162F outside. He cut the top off a soda can, painted it and attached a Remove Before Flight flag on the end to remind him. This cover keeps rain, bugs, and anything else out of the exhaust pipe.

Andrew Burr is providing a ceramic coating service for your Exhaust and Muffler seen Below

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