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Fuel Tank Straps

Fuel tank straps

It is important to insure that your fuel tank straps are properly secured to the frame so that they do not slide.

This next photo shows how much the fuel tank had slid down the frame rail in one hour of hovering.The plumbers tape was added by the owner to try to hold the chain bath lid down so that the oil would not leak all over the drive belts. I am so glad to see the chain bath go. If you still have it, you should consider replacing it with the new cog drive that the factory is selling now.

The photo below shows a bracket that the builder welded to the frame to bolt the tank strap to. The cog drive pictured here is not a factory approved unit. You can see that there is no belt tensioner on this system. The Rotorway factory cog drive is the only system that I reccommend and many of my students have asked me to assist them in installing it.

Don't neglect this important area of your helicopter.


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