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This web site is an informational source for you, the Rotorway enthusiast. For up to the minute discussions and questions as well as a full archive of Rotorway information I highly reccomend the Rotorway Owners Group (ROG) web site. Click on this link ROG and check it out.


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In The photo Below Orv is instructing 3 students at one time in Lincoln, RI. From Left is John Garabedian-Phase II (far ship), Tony Evans-Autos & BFR (ship in forground), Orv, and Dave Armando-Phase II (middle ship)

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 Flight Instructor

To date Orv has instructed in hundreds of Rotorway helicopters of all models from the early 2 place Scorpions, the Elete, the Jet Exec, and all of the Execs models.

Former Student Gary Dahms wrote:

Hi Orv,
Just a short note to let you know I truly miss our training sessions. Wish I had the money to do another 100 hrs with you. You're a fantastic instructor. A sincere thanks to all you taught me. It was intense.
Can't wait to read your next article.


This web site is for the enjoyment of anyone interested in the fabulous experience of building and learning to fly your own helicopter. The Rotorway Helicopter has been the doorway for thousands of pilots to enter the world of rotory wing flight.

I began my helicopter flight experience by taking my first flight in a Rotorway helicopter and I was hooked. I purchased a kit, built my ship, got proper helicopter flight training, and now have made it my carreer to assist others in following their similar dreams.

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Orv Neisingh is a professional FAA Certified helicopter flight instructor and A&P Mechanic who provides helicopter Flight and maintenance training in numerous types of certified helicopters, and specializes in Rotorway Experimental Helicopters. Orv can also perform the annual condition inspection and prepurchase inspections of your experimental helicopter.

The photo below shows Jeff Bocott of Gig Harbor Washingtom standing next to his very rare Rotorway Elete. Jeff's Elete is one of only 4 ever built as I recall. Jeff's Elete is the only Elete flying today.

Jeff has carefully upgraded his Elete to have the latest of modern Rotorway Components. This body design loves speed and is typically 30 kts faster than the standard Rotoray 162F.

The above photo shows Jeff and Orv while doing some flight training at the Tacoma Narrows Airport in Gig Harbor, WA (Home of the famous Galloping Gerty Bridge).
Above: One of Orv's students after he landed from his fist solo helicopter flight in his Rotorway 162F. Bill built his Rotorway with Orv's help and then learned to fly in it. Bill is now a rated helicopter pilot and regularly flies his Rotorway helicopter in the Caraway, AR area..

I would like to welcome you to my website and hope that you find the information contained herein both interesting and beneficial to you. Most of the stories and information relates to Rotorway helicopters because the vast percentage of my many flight and instructing hours have been attained in Rotorway helicopters.

The suggestions that I have made on this site are only that, suggestions. Each owner/builder must make his/her own decisions on the best way to build, maintain, and fly their Rotorway or other experimental helicopters. Any information that you use from this site is at your own risk as I have no control over who uses that information or how they interpret what I have stated on this site.

Please feel free to send me any comments or suggestions by email as we strive to build a web site that will be an asset to the experimental helicopter community.

Orv Neisingh- Sho-Me Helicopters, LLC

Orv Neisingh has flown a variety of helicopters from flying Medevac missions with Air Evac Lifteam in Missouri, TN, IL, and AR. to instructing in many models of helicopters across this United States. With thousands of hours flying and instructing in Rotorway helicopters, Orv has learned much from his experiences and this web site shares much of that information with you.

Orv and wife Sheila in Hughes 300

The photo to the left is the hover training area of our flight center in West Plains, Missouri

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