When our students are ready for their private or commercial pilot check rides, we arrange to meet with my former student Steve Foster of Bulldog Helicopters of Searcy, Arkansas. Steve now operates both a fixed wing, autogyro, and helicopter flight training center. For the helicopter check ride the examinee is transitioned into the Bell 47 G2 pictured below. Both Steve and Orv take turns flying with the examinee until they are ready for the check ride.
Above Scott Worthington observes as Steve shows him how to perform the pre-flight inspection on the Bell 47. Scott built his Rotorway 162F and Orv traveled to Scott's home in Texas on two occasions to provide his Phase I hover and Phase II altitude training including cross country and night requirements.
Above Steve (seated) introduces Scott to the controls and instruments on the Bell 47
Above Steve guides Scott through the start and warm up procedures prior to Scott's first practice flight in the Bell 47.
In the photo above Orv guides Scott through the maneuvers that he needs to practice following Scott's introductory flight with Steve.
Above, following Scott's practice flights with Orv and Steve, Scott is ready for his Private Pilot Practical Test with Steve. Here Scott is showing Steve the run-up procedure on the Bell 47.
Above Scott hovers the Bell 47 out to the active runway during his Private Pilot Practical Test flight.
Above, Steve congratulates Scott following his successful completion of his check ride. Scott started his flight training in his Rotorway and has now earned his Private Pilot, Helicopter rating.
Above Scott is congratulated by Orv following his private pilot check ride. Way to go Scott!!
Scott Wrote:
Fellow Rotorway Owner/Builders and student helicopter pilots, Orv Neisingh and Steve Foster offer us a real, enjoyable and fun option to complete your Oral Exam & Check-out Ride for Private Pilot Helicopter. Fly to Little Rock Arkansas and then drive 1 1/2 hours north/east to Searcy. Let Steve get you transitioned into flying his magnificent 1957 Bell 47 G2 & Orv will provide you the required (3) hours of prep-work for your check out ride. Steve is a certified Examiner in Helicopters and loves to fly all types of aircraft including fixed wing and Gyro's. You are going to be really busy your first full day, but the Bell 47 is easier to fly than a Rotorway, relax, stop over-controlling and let the Bell sort itself out. Truly an enjoyable experience.

Scott Worthington
Private Pilot Helicopter.