To install Orv's fuel tank outlet fitting mod, you will first need to drain all of the fuel out of your fuel tanks in a well ventilated area away from any flame, gas vapors hug the ground so be careful. You do this by removing enough screws on the side of the tub to allow the rear side of the tub to be pulled away from the fuel tank to allow you to get your wrenches on the fuel tank fitting and nut.\

Disconnect the fuel line from the fuel tank fitting. Remove the fittng nut and washer. Pull the fuel tank outlet fitting out of the bottom of the fuel tank. Inspect the rubber grommet to insure that it is in good condition. If not order a new set from the factory.

Once you have the fitting removed, drill a 3/16" (or close to that) hole in the top of the fitting as seen in the photo below.

Next take a 10' piece of string and tie a nut to the end for a weight. The nut on the string is then dropped into the top of the tank and jiggled until it comes out the outlet hole in the bottom of the tank.

The photo below shows the string with the nut weight coming out the bottom of the fuel tank. The Tootsie Pop is optional. You will notice a lot of rust and chipped paint on this ship. This is what happens when a frame is not primed before painting and when the ship is parked outside in the rain. It took me a week to get this ship airworthy before we could begin the builders flight training.

Tie the nut end of the string aournd the landing gear step to prevent it from accidently being pulled back into the fuel tank.

You will need to purchase or make a washer that will fit over the fuel tank fitting threads and bevel but not pass the small shelf at the upper portion of the bevel. This washer is what keeps the fitting from being able to exit the bottom of the fuel tank. You can usually find a washer that is close in size and then file or dremmel out the ID to fit the fitting. You don't want the washer to contact the bevel to the point that it does not fit snuggly up against the flat shelf above the bevel.

The OD of the washer should be at least 1/4" larger than the OD of the outlet fitting top. If the washer OD is too large, it may not fit the space at the bottom of the tank.

Place the washer and fitting onto the string as shown below.